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After a long day at work or a tough workout, a hot tub is the ideal way to unwind and relax your muscles. The prospect of dismantling and transporting your hot tub or spa yourself is not relaxing.

Breaking down a hot tub takes an extensive amount of labor, not only because it's time-consuming, but also because you must consider where to transport the parts once it is broken down. Are they small enough to fit in your automobile? Where do you take them to responsibly dispose of the many parts?

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Rubbish Outlaw Hot Tub Removal

Learn More About Hot Tubs:

Rubbish Outlaw provides a quick, safe, and eco-friendly hot tub removal service so you don't have to worry about the pick up or disposal of your old hot tub. We do it all - just point us to the old hot tub and one of our removal experts will break it down and transport it to our disposal unit. Not only that, but we make sure your old spa is disposed of in the proper location; in some circumstances, a recycling center to ensure your tub is sent off in an environmentally responsible manner.
Akron Hot Tub Removal

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Are you ready to get rid of your hot tub? It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. You can make an appointment by visiting our website or calling 330-260-6462. Our professional and insured hot tub removal company will come to your house or place of business; we'll call 30 minutes before we arrive on site, and will give you a free estimate based on how much space your junk takes up. You point and we load those items onto our trash removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

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You point and we haul those items into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

We're the experts who will ensure that you can unwind while we do the hard work, no matter what you call it: hot tub, spa, or whirlpool.

We're not just a hot tub removal company; we also handle all sorts of junk, including:

  • Television Removal

  • Furniture Removal

  • Yard Waste Removal

  • Trash Removal

  • Mattress Disposal

  • Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling

  • Construction Waste Removal

  • E-Waste Disposal

  • Foreclosure Cleanouts

  • Garbage Removal

  • Dumpster Rental

  • And just about anything else you don't want!

    Why Do You Need Hot Tub Removal?

    The lifespan of a hot tub is limited, and after a while, you'll want to replace it with a modern, improved tub or spa. Even though this is an excellent concept, you still have the old one to dispose of. That is, after all, a difficult job when you factor in the cost and time involved. They are far too heavy to simply pick up and carry away to the landfill. You also can't pull it outside for the garbage truck to collect for you!

    According to data from the hot tub and spa sector, the number of sold hot tubs, spas, and Jacuzzis in the United States has been increasing almost every year since about 2011. Sales are projected to continue to rise with the most recent advancements and new functions such as swim spas. Customers are purchasing spas and hot tubs for hydrotherapy or other physical problems, which is a growing number of them.

    There are also two major issues with a hot tub: degradation and cost. The first is a natural problem; the second is caused by human error or carelessness. Hot tubs degrade over time, resulting in an assortment of problems such as leaking, broken seals, and electrical faults. Furthermore, because the typical “shelf life” of a hot tub is 10 years there is a large batch of tubs destined to be gotten rid of soon.

    According to a Pool and Spa Marketing study, there are over 7.3 million hot tubs in use in the United States. There are many hot tubs that have already been disposed of Furthermore, since the average hot tub shelf life is about ten years, there's a large number of old ones that will need to be disposed of soon.

    One source reports that,

    “Inexpensive hot tubs that aren't built with high-quality materials may only survive for five years. Hot tubs made of superior quality materials that also typically come with a long warranty and a costly price tag, can endure for 20 years or longer. The average lifespan of a middle-tier hot tub is about 10 years."

    A sizable number of old hot tubs are being disposed of all across the country as a result of this. Which is why hiring experts to remove your hot tub is a must.

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    Old Hot Tub Removed Akron OH

    The question now is how do you remove and dispose of the old hot tub?

    Cut Up Hot Tub Removal Akron
    So, your old hot tub has finally bubbled its last bubble. Perhaps you've decided to replace it with a new model. The question now is how do you remove and dispose of the old hot tub? It's clear that removing a hot tub isn't simple work!

    It should go without saying that a hot tub or spa is too large to leave on your curb next to your trash. Furthermore, your chosen waste collection service will not take it. So now that you've purchased a new hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi, what are you going to do with the old one?

    You might try selling it to a neighbor or on the internet, but how long will it take to locate a buyer? You'll almost certainly need to get rid of it sooner than that. If you're still on the fence, think about giving it away. Unlike a refrigerator, washer or dryer, however, there's little likelihood that a used hot tub will be sought after as a donated item.

    The majority of the time, hiring professionals to remove, transport, and properly dispose of large trash items like hot tubs is the greatest option.

    Even if you were able to get the item out of your backyard, load it onto a truck and send it to a landfill, it would most likely not be accepted. In other words, even if you could move the thing into a vehicle and drive it to a landfill, it would may not be accepted.

    There are additional compelling reasons for expert hot tub removal. Keep in mind that you'll need to carry your hot tub out of your yard and then what do with it. Because most cities don't allow large equipment to be left on the curb, you may only choose a limited appliance pick up service on a specific schedule. And you still have to do the heavy lifting and moving.

    Your Other Options for Hot Tub Removal

    Here are several more choices for repurposing your old hot tub:

    Sell your hot tub

    A hot tub or spa can be sold if it is clean and in good working order. However, while you may make some money by doing so, getting your hot tub out of your yard and into someone else's will still be a major effort. There are, however, several internet sites and applications that may assist you in selling your trusted old spa

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    Give Away Hot Tub Removal Akron

    Give it away

    Is your old hot tub/jacuzzi still in excellent condition? If so, you may always offer it to a friend, neighbor, or local charity that might utilize it at a facility. Reuse is always preferable than disposal. You'll also be making someone else happy and comfortable!

    Repurpose It

    Scrap metal buyers might be a viable alternative for some of the fittings and motor parts, but there is little else to sell as scrap. The tub, on the other hand, may be reused as a fish pond or even a children's wading pool if properly cared for. Your old hot tub/spa can be repurposed for an extended life

    Old Hot Tubs And The Dump

    What do you do with your old hot tub once you've successfully taken it down and loaded it up? Consider that many cities have strict rules for the disposal of appliances, including hot tubs and spas. It's quite likely that they won't take it at all. In fact, it's very probable that the local dump won't accept your hot tub.

    In reality, most public garbage dumps will only allow the disposal of certain appliances if they fulfill specific recycling criteria. However, this may not be an option depending on where you live, because at least 22 states have prohibited electronics from their landfills as of 2017. Massachusetts, New York, California, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania are among the states that have banned appliances.

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    According to the EPA website,

    “Some municipalities demand that you make an appointment for bulky item collection. Others, on the other hand, need you to transport items to a transfer station or landfill (for details, see Solid Waste Contractors).

    In some cases, instead of being shredded or taking useful components away, thrown appliances are landfilled as a whole unit. It's never a good idea to send your old hot tub to the landfill or a local dump in most situations.

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    Recycle Hot Tub Akron

    Hot Tub Recycling

    If you just need to get rid of your old hot tub or spa and don't want it to go into the waste stream, recycling its parts is a wonderful alternative. And having a professional trash removal company remove and dispose of it for you is the best way to accomplish this.

    With us, being environmentally responsible is a top priority at Rubbish Outlaw. We strive to remain the greenest large garbage removal service possible! Most of the appliances we collect are recycled or given away using our own recycling facilities or other local drop-off locations.

    Rubbish Outlaws will try and recycle your old hot tubs so that they do not end up in a landfill or dump yard.

    We'll disassemble or transport large trash appliance units to an industrial recycling facility for safe, clean, energy-efficient reutilization if necessary. Your old hot tubs will not be disposed of in a landfill or junk yard thanks to Rubbish Outlaw's recycling procedure.

    After the appliance is disassembled, the reusable components can be reused. Recycling your hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi reduces the need for extracting or creating raw materials while keeping significant quantities of metal, plastic, and fiberglass out of landfills.

    Rubbish Outlaw can generally handle the removal and recycling of any and all appliances. In fact, Rubbish Outlaw can remove many appliance items, We collect everything from building material to furniture, and our waste collectors use a variety of methods to get rid of it.

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    Hot Tubs, Spas or Jacuzzis?

    For most people who have never used or owned one of these before, the term "hot tub" refers to everything with hot water. However, if you're looking to upgrade or replace yours, or especially if you're buying your first unit, it's crucial to understand and differentiate between these phrases.

    Here is a handy definition from an article at,

    "What is the difference between a spa, hot tub Jacuzzi and whirlpool?

    A. Basically, the word “spa” is used to describe any one of a number of jetted, heated, water-filled tubs. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a spa is defined as “a celebrated watering place in Belgium; any place, especially a resort, having a mineral spring.”

    Most “spas” are made out of either fiberglass or acrylic. Acrylic spas are, by far, the better of the two types and will provide longer life and service to their owners.

    “Hot tubs” are made of wood, sometimes with a liner set inside. They can provide you with that “jet action”, but without the contoured seating acrylic spas offer.

    A “whirlpool”, the way the word is commonly used, refers to any spa or hot tub’s circular “water action”. Remember, a “Jacuzzi” is not a generic name for spas. Jacuzzi is a company that makes “whirlpool baths” and spas. Any spa or hot tub will provide you with this “whirlpool action” of the water."

    Whatever you decide to call it, the most difficult issue you'll face when bringing home your new machine is getting rid of your old one!

    If you've had your hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa for a while, you already know how relaxing it is to soak in one after a long day at work. Hot tubs and spas are also ideal spots to entertain friends or family in a fun and stress-free atmosphere.

    Most people can't conceive of living without one after having experienced it for a while, despite the fact that maintaining a hot tub may be time-consuming.

    Unfortunately, if you've decided it's time to replace it, you may already be aware that disassembling and removing that old hot tub or spa is going to be difficult.

    Because of its size and construction, a typical hot tub makes removal and disposal a time-consuming task. To begin with, the tub's enormous dimensions and bulk generally necessitate chopping it into smaller sections to remove it from your property or patio.

    Remove the skirting, base, and any connections or components before cutting down the tub into manageable pieces. Finally, all of the parts, components, and trash should be removed from your yard and taken to the street.

    Once you've removed it, you'll need a proper approach to move and discard all of the components.

    Once it's gone, you'll need a good method for transporting and disposing of all those parts. And, unless you have a truck or other large vehicle or access to one, this might be an issue.

    Even if it could fit, as we've said, you can't just throw everything into your home trashcan. Also, you probably shouldn't use your dumpster at work if one is available because so many components must be disposed of correctly. Some of the materials might be toxic.

    So, taking your old hot tub to the landfill may appear to be a simple procedure. However, what may have appeared like a straightforward task of transporting your old hot tub to the nearest landfill turns out not to be so simple. And, for many individuals, this is simply not an option due on various reasons.

    The first issue is often the scarcity of a suitable car. There's also a lack of landfill alternatives. But for others, merely attempting to break down, deconstruct, and cut down a hot tub is more than they're capable of or want to do. In other words, many individuals would never be able To disassemble an old hot tub as a DIY project.

    The problem is, "How do you get rid of your old hot tub in a way that is both environmentally responsible and cost-effective?"

    So, the question becomes "How can you properly dispose of your old hot tub?"

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    Professional Akron Hot Tub Removal
    We categorize each and every job according to its materials, e-waste, paper, household goods, textiles, furniture, and appliances.

    Going “green” also means we recycle, repurpose, and reuse everything from clothes to cribs and strollers, as well as office equipment and materials. Rubbish Outlaw is dedicated to leading the way in maintaining our planet clean, green, and lovely for future generations.

    Ready to remove that old hot tub?

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can make an appointment by visiting our website or calling 330-260-6462. Our highly trained and insured junk removal crew will arrive at your property or workplace, we will call 15 minutes before arrival; we provide a free estimate based on how much space your trash takes up. You point, and we haul those things away in our waste collection vehicles, with no hidden costs.

    We Take Just About Everything

    Some examples of the junk we haul away include

    • Refrigerator Disposal
    • Garbage Removal
    • Mattress Disposal
    • Foreclosure Clean Outs
    • Construction Waste Removal
    • Yard Waste Removal
    • Trash Removal
    • Appliance Removal
    • Television Disposal & Recycling
    • Furniture Removal
    • E-Waste Disposal
    • Hot Tub Disposal
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    Rubbish Outlaw Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal provides many popular services and offers an easy to use solution to get rid of your unwanted junk and yes that includes TV's and other Electronic equipment. Those old TV's can be heavy and hard to dispose of for the average household. For a free junk removal quote give us a call.

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    Our junk disposal services company is equipped with the manpower and resources needed for dismantling construction projects and light demolition throughout Northeast Ohio.

    Why you'll love us?

    We believe we are the most efficient waste management company in Akron OH. We offer junk removal not only to Akron OH but to the surrounding area including North Canton, Greater Cleveland, Summit County, North Ridgeville. For a free quote send us an email or give us a call 330-260-6462.
    There is a different levels of hoarding, but it is important to be understanding. It is important to tackle hoarding early before it poses risks to one’s health

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