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Have you ever desired to replace your old furniture but didn't have the time or manpower to do so? Or have you just recently purchased new furniture and are now faced with the unenviable task of storing the old pieces? It's not only difficult, but also time-consuming and laborious, to break down and carry away your furniture: you must first disassemble and transport the heavy objects out the door, then figure out what to do with them. Some cities prohibit specific furnishings on the curb, and you must operate to their tight timetable when using city pick up. Not to mention that you'll be responsible for all of the lifting.

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Take The Worries Out Of Furniture Removal

Without having to worry about the removal or disposal of outdated items, Rubbish Outlaw offers a professional, safe, and environmentally friendly furniture removal service. Not only that, but we make sure your old furniture gets to the right place: whether it's a charity if the items are still in good condition for donation, or a recycling center to guarantee that your furnishings are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

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We dispose of almost all sorts of furniture, including:



Sofa Beds



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File Cabinets



Tool Units

And just about anything else you don't want!

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You can make an appointment with Rubbish Outlaw by booking online above or by calling us at 330-260-6462. Our team will arrive at your home or business; we will call 15 minutes before we arrive on site, and we'll provide you with a free estimate based on how much space your junk fills our truck. We make it simple for you. You simply need to point and we'll carry those things away, with no hidden costs.

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Furniture Removal Akron Ohio
On-demand furniture removal is available for just about every sort of furniture from your house or business. Rubbish Outlaw can also take almost everything and anything (except hazardous waste), in addition to furniture.

We transport heavy items, such as credenzas, executive desks, Cubicles, and other kinds of house furnishings.

We guarantee courteous customer care and a job well-done every time. And our commitment to environmental friendliness motivates us to recycle or give away as much of your furnishings as feasible.

Rubbish Outlaw offers hassle-free collection, the lowest prices, and the highest standards of service for your Junk removal needs.
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How to get rid of old furniture

If you've swapped out your furniture, or if you have to downsize, you're undoubtedly considering how to properly dispose of old pieces without hauling them around yourself. Some people do, however, take furniture to the curb and put up a "Free" sign on it. The majority of homeowners typically end up transporting their old items to a city or county landfill.

However, there are additional methods for eradicating them.

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Sell Your Furniture

In the 1990s, internet sales were a foreign concept. However, in recent years, America's youth have fully embraced internet shopping and, as a consequence of this, online selling as well. The wonderful thing about this technology is that it allows customers to not only buy products but also to sell them!

Craigslist and eBay are the most well-known sites for buying and selling, but there are others. If you're a homeowner looking to get rid of old furniture or appliances, both platforms provide a fantastic way to do it while also earning money.

While the process is rather simple and these online tools are straightforward to use, there are certain trends that have emerged over time that might assist you in getting the most out of this choice.

While Craigslist has a large number of classified categories, the market has evolved to favor certain things. It's a fantastic location to buy or sell gently used furniture and technology items, for example, but decorative objects aren't nearly as popular there.

The first step is to consider carefully which furniture goods you wish to sell online rather than donating, giving away, or keeping for yourself. Your objective isn't to make a lot of money; your goal is furniture removal.

Consider carefully: which furniture items should you sell online and which should you give away?

Donate Your Furniture

Making some money is not everything, but finding a new home for your old things is. This is where donating your old furniture may be a smart alternative. There are hundreds of organizations and outlets that will accept most donated furnishings.

Mattresses and medical supplies are frequently turned down. Old furniture, on the other hand, is more likely to be accepted. However, almost any other type of antique furnishings may be given as a gift and provide much-needed furniture for those in need.

Repurpose Your Furniture

Okay, so maybe you don't want to deal with the trouble of attempting to sell or give away your old furnishings. Perhaps you simply didn't wish to get rid of your furniture item, but you had no choice but to change it. There's nothing to be concerned about! A little imagination and creativity can go a long way in transforming practically any piece of furniture. You can repurpose or reuse your treasured possessions.

Chairs made of wood might be used as nightstands. A bookcase that is old may be converted into a showcase. A rickety sofa can work well in a basement "game room" or on the back patio or deck, whether it's being reused or repurposed. The only limit to what you can do with your old furniture is what enters your mind.

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Can furniture be recycled?

Recycling, reusing, and reducing are all important when it comes to getting rid of furniture. These three words are frequently used when discussing waste, as our children are aware. Recycling is the process of turning garbage into new items that may be sold again. Reusing entails finding a new use for trash so we don't have to discard it, and reducing involves curbing one's waste production.

Recycling is definitely a viable alternative when it comes to getting rid of your old things. Most of the time, yes! Because there may be questionable materials inside some furniture items, which we'll discuss in depth in the next section, recycling isn't always an option. The good news is that most furniture can usually be recycled.

So, why should you consider recycling your furniture and what are the benefits?

When you recycle your old furniture, you're doing a lot of good for the environment. Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, and it also conserves energy and resources. In fact, recycling just one ton of paper can save 17 trees!

In addition to helping the environment, recycling your old furniture can also save you money. It's generally cheaper to buy recycled furniture than brand new furniture. So, not only are you helping out the planet, but you're also helping your wallet.

Recycling is a great way to keep furniture out of landfills and make some extra money in the process. And it's easy too! All you have to do is find a recycling facility
Whether you're downsizing and eliminating furnishings, or you have to replace household items like as old furniture, recycling these things is a fantastic option. Things also break, wear down, or become unusable over time.

It is possible to recycle most old household or workplace furniture. The conventional procedure is to just toss things out. However, tossing items into the municipal waste stream and landfill isn't really the greatest option.

Much of our old house or workplace furnishings might be repurposed or disposed of in different ways, such as being sent to a recycle facility, with a little preparation and thinking.

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Furniture disposal and hazardous materials

Recycling furniture present a few challenges when it comes to hazardous materials. Many lower-end pieces of furniture such as tables, office chairs, desks and cabinets are made of treated wood or wood-based composites, and often have veneers of man-made materials.

Because of the chemicals in the varnishes, paints, adhesives, and other wood treatment items, these components cannot be recycled for more common applications such as mulch.

So, unless you have extremely old or high-end all-wood furniture, it's likely to be constructed of lower-cost particleboard and chipboard. The issue is that these materials are not recyclable.

Communities that process treated wood and similar materials do exist. If you discover, however, that your area does not have a program to accept treated wood, the greatest alternative is to find a new location for these items or devise a means of reusing or recycling them.

Almost every sofa, couch, recliner, or padded office chair is afflicted with the same issue: the cushions' materials. Because the materials are frequently hazardous to the environment, they are often difficult to recycle.

Fortunately, if the cushions are made of polyurethane foam, you can recycle them. Recycling is readily available from many commercial sources. Unfortunately, many local recycling plants will not accept any sort of foam substance.

On the underside, since the remainder of the furniture piece is likely to be constructed of wood, fabric, plastic, and metal, most of these materials can be simply recycled after it has been deconstructed.

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Office Furniture Disposal

When it comes to office furniture disposal, the most obvious option may be to simply transport everything to the local landfill. It's also possible to overlook the fact that this would necessitate a significant amount of effort, logistics, time, and money. Furthermore, it requires trucks that are capable of removing and transporting away old furnishings.

Another alternative is to offer your office furniture to charity. While this may be a great way for you to help the charity, it might also need a lot of work. And, if yours is a large building or you have numerous offices that are being upgraded or relocated, the process becomes considerably more difficult.

You may save time and money by hiring a professional furniture removal business, such as those at Rubbish Outlaw. The work will be completed promptly, properly, and professionally with the aid of a skilled crew. You won't have to worry about municipal dumping costs or waiting in line at the landfill.

We will take care of recycling and repurposing of appropriate products for you, allowing you to be a hero while also avoiding the trouble of where to put what materials and so on. We will guarantee that each thing that may and should be recycled is done so in an appropriate manner.

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Cost of furniture removal

You have a lot of choices when it comes to disposing of office furniture as a business owner or manager with a lot of furnishings to dispose of. A fantastic alternative is to hire a professional furniture removal service, such as Rubbish Outlaw, aside from doing it yourself. We make pricing both reasonable and simple when it comes to office furniture removal costs.

We offer the finest and most precise estimate for the work by working with you onsite to evaluate it. We can see precisely what the work will require when we are on-site. As a result, we may provide you an immediate, accurate, and fair quote for your trash removal task. We can also often finish the job immediately after we know you're pleased with the price.

If you have items that you want to remove, use our contact number 330-260-6462 to text us a photo. We will text you an estimate if you can take a photo of your goods. You may send us photos of your furniture in various locations within your business and we'll be able to give you an estimate. Please keep in mind that this is only a guess until we arrive at your location; afterwards, our removal staffs will offer you a firm, no-obligation price.

Finally, you may contact our customer service staff. In many situations, if you have four or fewer items, we can give you a set price over the phone. If you have more than four things, we can provide an estimate range. Our trained experts will give you the final cost without any obligation on-site.

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How to choose a furniture removal company

Choosing the right furniture removal business should not be taken lightly. When searching for a reputable company to remove your old furnishings, there are a few things to think about.

Here are key questions to ask any prospective furniture removal company:

How do you determine price?

The pricing of Junk Removal may differ considerably, and the pricing method varies as well. Some businesses charge by weight, which means you could pay far more for your hefty items than for the same number, or space required, for much lighter ones. As a part of our service, we provide free estimates at Rubbish Outlaw. Our skilled staff will arrive on time at your site and give you a free written estimate after assessing the situation.

A number of furniture removal services provide a wide range of packaging options. Many are based on whether you require a one-time pick up and removal or if the service will be needed for a few days. Make sure the firm gives you an onsite quote without any hidden expenses. All labor costs, taxes, and landfill fees should be included in this calculation.

Finally, don't make the cheapest price the only criteria in selecting a furniture removal company. You want to be certain that you're getting a reputable and competent firm with good reviews and a solid reputation for real value for your money.

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Do you recycle furniture?

Recycling is critical for the environment, and reputable furniture removal firms will have established recycling and donation agreements with local organizations. Green technology also allows a responsible business to integrate it into their operations. Make sure the removal firm you're considering has "green" processes that include not only recycling but also having furniture items donated, repurposed, and reused whenever feasible.

We do this by recycling, donating, or repurposing anything we can. We take the environmentally friendly approach by making sure that the metal, plastics, and other materials used in furniture removal are properly broken down and recycled. If an item can be reused, we'll send it to a local donation center where it may be rehomed.

Are you fully insured?

Rubbish Outlaw's team is fully insured, so you and our staff are protected when we perform junk hauling services.

It's also good to know that you're fully covered if anything goes wrong with the service. If you choose a firm that is not insured, you are putting yourself in danger.

How long will it take?

A decent junk removal business will be able to schedule a pickup in a few days or even hours. The length of time will be determined by the amount of work the firm has booked. Not only can we arrive onsite quickly after you call with Rubbish Outlaw, but when our truck arrives on time at your location, we'll give you a free written estimate. If you're satisfied with the price, we can usually carry your items right then and there if you agree.

Check out whether the firm allows online booking and discounts. Make sure they have the appropriate tools and personnel in order to complete the task on time, as well as that they confirm the appointment and arrival time once the job is booked.

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Do You Rent Dumpsters?

Yes! Rubbish Outlaw offers rental dumpsters in a variety of sizes to make your junk removal project as easy as possible. We have 15 yard and 20 yard dumpsters, perfect for small and large projects alike. Our rental periods are also flexible, with 3 day and 7 day rentals available.

If you're searching for a hassle-free way to get rid of debris, consider renting a dumpster. Even if you're not sure whether or on how you'll use the service, it's smart to have it. Because renting a dumpster and loading it yourself might sometimes save money, this may be one option for getting rid of your furnishings.

You can, however, use Rubbish Outlaw's self-service dumpster rental if you want to get rid of trash. This is a on-demand waste removal service that will take just about any kind of item from your home or business. Simply call Rubbish Outlaw and we'll deliver one of our 15-cubic-yard or 20-cubic-yard, driveway-friendly roll off dumpsters to your location.

Rubbish Outlaw's roll off dumpster can be filled at your leisure and we give you a 3 day or 7 day option on our 15 yard dumpsters. Our 20 Yard dumpsters we give you a full 7 days to fill it up. Our dumpsters are capable of handling big items like your old furniture or even appliances. It's suitable for all forms of trash and debris, from major cleanouts to kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Our dumpsters are conveniently sized roll off trash bins that offers the same outstanding customer service our Junk Removal provides. Our dumpster rental service in Akron is ideal for homeowners, renters, small companies, and anybody else who wants an easy self-service waste removal option for their furnishings disposal.

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We Take Just About Everything

Some examples of the junk we haul away include

  • Refrigerator Disposal
  • Garbage Removal
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Construction Waste Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Trash Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • Television Disposal & Recycling
  • Furniture Removal
  • E-Waste Disposal
  • Hot Tub Disposal
Yes! Rubbish Outlaw will allow you to get rid of your large items without fuss, keeping your workplace clutter-free. We can handle cubicles, office chairs, and desks among other things. We promise to provide a written quote and beat any previous written bids you may have received.
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Have you ever had to deal with old furniture after a move? Have you just switched to contemporary home furnishings and want to get rid of your old stuff? Or do you simply have a lot of old and damaged office furniture at your place of business that you haven't gotten around to tossing away?

Rubbish Outlaw provides a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally responsible furniture removal service so you don't have to worry about the disposal of your old items. Our skilled furniture removal staff will carefully remove and transport any sort of furnishings that you might have. Unlike the backseat of your car, our garbage trucks are built to handle anything from broken toys to outdated furniture.

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Rubbish Outlaw Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal provides many popular services and offers an easy to use solution to get rid of your unwanted junk and yes that includes TV's and other Electronic equipment. Those old TV's can be heavy and hard to dispose of for the average household. For a free junk removal quote give us a call.

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We believe we are the most efficient waste management company in Akron OH. We offer junk removal and dumpster rentals not only to Akron OH but to the surrounding area including North Canton, Greater Cleveland, Summit County, North Ridgeville. For a free quote send us an email or give us a call 330-260-6462.

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